Google Web Master Tools Optimization

Matrix Outsourcing Solutions
Google Web Master Tools is the admin part how to add your website and sitemap.xml here. If you optimize your website in Google then you have to add your website and also submit your sitemap. After optimizing your site in Google Web Master Tools then Google indexing your website content.


How to add a website in Google Web Master Tools:

  • Signup in Google Account.
  • Login your Gmail Account.
  • Vist this link: Google Web Master Tools
  • Now you find Add a Property button then Click and add your website.
  • Download the HTML file and upload your Cpanel Public_HTML.
  • Then click verify.


For User Id verification you have to write this code in your website home page within header tag:



        <meta name=”googleVerifyID” content=”your google id no. goes here” />



<p>Great! The file uploaded properly.  Now click the ‘Verify my file’ button to

complete the process.</p>




How to submit sitemap in Google Web Master Tools:

Matrix Outsourcing Solutions

  • Go to
  • Create Sitemap.xml and download this file and upload your cpanel.
  • Go to web Master Tools add sitemap and click this button and write end of your site “just sitemap.xml”.
  • Click submit.
  • Then go the web browser and type and run.
  • Finally you find your sitemap.