Alexa Traffic Optimization

Matrix Outsourcing Solutions
Alexa is another search engine traffic. It gives your website globally and locally ranking. Alexa also gives your website third party website’s reputation and reviews. For optimizing your website in Alexa you have to create a profile on the Alexa website. Secondly, you have login your Alexa account and go to the Alexa dashboard. Thirdly you can add your website. When you add your website in Alexa then it provides you with Alexa HTML script & user id verification for your website. Download the HTML file and upload your cPanel root and click verify button. For user id verification you need to add this Meta code of your website home page.


Alexa Traffic code like as:



        <meta name=”alexaVerifyID” content=”your alexa id no. goes here” />



<p>Great! The file uploaded properly.  Now click the ‘Verify my file’ button to

complete the process.</p>